About Us

Established in August 2018, Orbital Space is the first company in the Arab World to provide access to space through CubeSat technology. The company’s main focus is to make Low Earth Orbit (LEO) accessible to all by facilitating CubeSat missions from concept to commissioning in orbit.

Our vision is to make space accessible to all.

Our mission is to facilitate space missions and engagement activities in support of space research and education.

Earth and Space

The Team

Nada AlShammari

Nada AlShammari

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Partner and Director of Educational Programs & Outreach


Bassam Alfeeli

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Founding Partner and

General Manager


Bashayer AlMajid

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Space Law & Regulations

Legal Advisor


Nourah Alfaili

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Ground Segment Operations

Data Science Leader



Experiments in Space

Exciting competitions for students to engage with actual space research

This program helps students to develop skills in scientific method, critical thinking and leadership.  Students will experience what scientists go through in preparing for a real world space mission.

Code in Space

Students from around the world can send and execute their own code in space (Low Earth Orbit)

Students may submit proposals, and the selected submissions will be uploaded to a nanosatellite orbiting the Earth.


QMR-KWT is a CubeSat and it's Kuwait’s first satellite.

The educational mission will allow students from around the world to learn more about satellite communications by writing software code to be uploaded and executed on one of the satellite’s onboard computers in an out-of-this-world opportunity for students to Code in Space.

Orbital Space_experiement on the moon
Experiment on the Moon

The first ever student mission to the moon - Launching in 2024

This will be the first private Moon mission from the Arab region and the second lunar mission from the United Arab Emirates. 

Following the steps of the MBRSC's Emirates Lunar Mission to send UAE's first lunar rover Rashid for lunar exploration purposes and continuing with its initiatives to make space accessible to all, Orbital Space is announcing a new opportunity to send an experiment to the Moon.