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The mission patch represents the story of the mission.


To symbolize the objectives of the mission and the character of the team behind it. QMR-KWT Mission Patch was designed by Nada AlShammari to depict visually the mission of the satellite. This is represented in:

  • Unique shape of the mission patch similar to the cube shape of the satellite itself  

  • Orbits represent the orbital characteristics of the mission as low earth orbit 

  • CubeSat in "kite shape" to depict a rotating cube with number "1" in the middle referring to the first Kuwaiti satellite to be launched into space

  • The line of code "train of code symbol" linking the CubeSat with a ground station on the surface of the earth represents that QMR-KWT mission is to receive code from earth and test it. QMR-KWT is the platform for "Code in Space" initiative to make space accessible to students from around the world

  • Two stars represents the leaders of the project

  • Number "2021" represents the year of launch to space

  • The UAE flag designates that it is registered under the UAE and owned by an Emirati company.

Project Obective



The name “QMR-KWT” means “Moon of Kuwait”, translated from Arabic. It is Kuwait’s first satellite and is intended to inspire students from the world to learn about satellite technology. QMR-KWT is a 1U CubeSat (nanosatellite) designed to be the platform for “Code in Space” initiative. It was launched to space from the U.S onboard SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket (Transporter 2 mission) on 30th of June 2021

Project Objective

to gain knowledge and capabilities needed to work on satellite projects

Mission Objectives

  • Develop open access CubeSat for students to test software code and communication protocols

  • Boost national pride and enthusiasm about space technology among the people of Kuwait  


                            Mission Specifications

  • Orbit: Sun Synchronous Orbit (SSO) at 525 km (mean altitude)

  • Speed: 27,300 km/h

  • CubeSat weight: 1.1 kg

  • CubeSat dimensions: 10 x 10 x 11.35 cm

  • CubeSat function: educational radio amateur satellite

  • Beacon: telemetry, text message, & audio (Kuwait National Anthem)

  • Expected lifetime: 3 years

  • Disposal: the CubeSat’s orbit will slowly decay due to atmospheric drag and will re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere and disintegrate

Beacon Byte
Actual String
Custom Message
السلام عليكم من الفضاء قمر الكويت اول قمر صناعي كويتي Salam from QMR-KWT Kuwait’s 1st satellite
Either Arabic or English
EPS regs [1 – 7]
Vbat 4.52, Ibat 85, Vbcr 5.12, Ibcr 87, Vx 0.01, Ix- 2, Ix+ 1
Battery Voltage, Battery Current, BCR Voltage, BCR Current, X   Voltage, X-  Current, X+ Current
EPS regs [8 – 15]
Vy 0.01, Iy-    2, Iy+    1, Vz 0.01, Iz-    1, Iz+    2, I3V3   53, I5V   14
Y Voltage, Y- Current, Y+ Current, Z Voltage, Z- Current, Z+ Current, 3.3V Buss Current consumption, 5V Bus Current consumption
EPS regs [16 – 23]
L3v3 5A9, L5V 85A, Tcpu  19, Tb1   0, Tb2   0, Tb3   0, Tb4   0, INs 1
LUP 3.3V, LUP 5V, MCU Temperature, Batt. Temperature Sensors 1, Batt. Temp. Sens. 2, Batt. Temp. Sens. 3, Batt. Temp. Sens. 4, Input Conditions
EPS regs [24 – 30]
OUTs1 0x699B, OUTs2 0x0058, Cpon 00014, Cuv   0, Csc   0, Cot   0
Output Conditions, Output Conditions 2, Power_ON_Cycles, V_Under_Voltage, V_Short_Circuit, V_Over Temperature
EPS regs [31 – 37]
T1max  28,T1max  27,T1min  28,T2max  27,T2min  27,T3max   0,T3min   0,T4max   0,T4min   0
MAX_Temp 1, MAX_Temp 1, MAX_Temp 2, MAX_Temp 3, MAX_Temp 4, MIN_Temp 1, MIN_Temp 2, MIN_Temp 3, MIN_Temp 4
EPS regs [45 - 47& 49 - 52]
T5ext   0,Rbini  39,Rb   39,VbIdl 4461,V3.3bus 3390,V5bus 4995,UpTme    22248
Temp Sensor 5, Initial value of the battery resistance, Battery resistance, battery voltage as ideal source, 3.3V bus voltage, 5V bus voltage, uptime
UHF reg [0, 2, 3, 4]
SCW 3303, UpTme 00000026, TxOK 0000000C, RxOK 00000000
UHF Status control word, Uptime, Transmit package counter, Receive package counter
UHF reg [0, 5, A]
CrcEr 00000000, RSSI 00, Tint +29.7
CRC errors, RSSI counter, Temperature sensor
AP_Sec:v3.59,Nov 13 202016:42:38/16:42:38,UpT 000:00:01,T 00:00:00,D 00/00/00
FW version, Uptime, Time, Date
RST 000/003/000/019/062/019/007/000/000/000,ApCRC 0,BoCRC 0x3B637945,DTC#0/6
Reset counters, DTC counter Warning/Severity
ACC1 5/-71/-979, ACC2 -2/-51/-992, MAG1 -552/106/-42, MAG2 -754/258/147
Accelerometer 1, Accelerometer 2, Magnitometer 1, Magnitometer 2
Ant R0 0xF0, R1 0x00 R2 0x00, R3 0xFF
Accelerometer 1, Accelerometer 2, Magnitometer 1, Magnitometer 2, UHF Antenna reg 0
Pan Temp
T1xp Err, T2yp Err, T3zp Err, T4xm Err, T5ym Err, T6zm  27
Temperature sensors of all panels
Pan Photo
Ppan1   20, Ppan2   20, Ppan3   18, Ppan4   19, Ppan5   20, Ppan6   20
Photo-sensors of all panels
Operational Modes
OpMode 1, PwrMode 1
Operational mode, Power mode
Black Sky
  • Mission concept development (100% complete)

  • Mission analysis and design (100% complete)

  • FlatSat setup (100% complete)

  • CubeSat subsystems integration (100% complete)

  • Space qualification testing (100% complete)

  • CubeSat functional testing (100% complete)

  • Launch manifesting (100% complete)

  • Launch provider acceptance (100% complete)

  • Regulatory licensing (100% complete)

  • CubeSat-to-Dispenser integration and testing (100% complete)

  • Dispenser-to-Launch Vehicle integration (100% complete)

  • Launch to space (100% complete) on June 30th 2021

  • Deployment to final orbit (100% complete) on July 16 2021

  • Commissioning (30% complete) audio beacon off, low power mode

  • QMR-KWT malfunctioned for unknown reason (last signal received was on March 10 2022)

Amateur Radio Operations

QMR-KWT Telemetry Beacon Transmission Details:

  • Frequency: 436.5 MHz

  • Call sign: LZ0KWT

  • Modulation: 2GFSK (GMSK) 

  • Bandwidth: 2400 Hz

  • Baud rate: 9600 bit/sec

  • Beacon interval: 60 seconds

  • Preamble: 0xAAAAAAAAAA, LSBit First

  • Sync word: 0x7E, LSBit First

  • Packet format: AX.25 UI-bitstuffed, NRZI-encoded, G3RUH-scrambled, CRC16-CCIT

Audio beacon details: in Morse code (tone F5 – FA 5th octave 698Hz, dot delay 60 ms) Kuwait National Anthem

International Designator (COSPAR ID): 2021-059BS
NORAD ID: 48943

Latest Two Line Elements: 

The latest Keplerian Element data for QMR-KWT can be obtained from the Celestrak website. These TLEs are regularly updated at

  • Dedicated onboard computer (OBC) for executing incoming code

  • Dedicated UHF transceiver type II for testing communication protocols 

Black Sky

Onboard computer (OBC) for data handling and avionics. It serves as the “brain” of the satellite. The OBC is the link to all peripheral hardware and acts as the central entity for sending commands and collecting all housekeeping information. This includes Attitude Determination & Control System (ADCS) for controlling the orientation of the CubeSat based on information from the ground as well as its various onboard sensors.


UM AlAish 4

Ground Station

To continue the legacy of “Um Alaish” satellite station, Orbital Space established “Um Alaish 4” as the first private CubeSat ground station in the Middle East to provide free access to signals from CubeSats already on orbit.

Um Alsaish 4 is member of the global network of satellite ground stations SatNOGS and contributor to the AMSAT-UK Data Warehouse.

“Um Alaish 1” satellite station was one of the first satellite ground stations in the Middle East inaugurated in 1969 about 70 km north of Kuwait City in an area called “Um Alaish”. The station was established to relay telegrams and telephone calls as well as transmit live pictures of the Apollo 12 mission.

“Um Alaish 2” was commissioned in 1977 and “Um Alaish 3” was added to the site in 1981.  In 1990 “Um Alaish” station was completely destroyed by the Iraqi invasion and unfortunately was never recovered.

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